What is Past Life Regression and How It Helps Us

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Past life regression (PLR) is a healing technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. In a hypnotic state, where through progressive relaxation, the practitioner transcends the boundaries of the physical world and enters his own subconscious mind and experiences various incidents from past lives. The core practice of past life is about traveling through various planes while in the physical body.



  • A cathartic process, although science finds it difficult to explain the real reason behind it and often the issue becomes a matter of debate among people who don’t believe in its healing power, but only those who experience the regression but only those who experience the regression can talk on the truth of the matter.
  • Past life regression therapy acted as a blessing, I now see my past troubles as a response to my actions and freed myself of the burdens I carried for years.
  • Apart from hypnosis, suggestion techniques are also used by the therapist, which allows the practitioner to recall the incidents of the past.


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