We’re Giving Away Golden Capes & I’m Frothing at the Mouth About Why Hypnotherapists Need More Advanced Training

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It means that anyone who attends, achieves the expected levels of attainment with the learning outcomes, the coursework and the vignettes will be able to add the title of ‘Advanced Hypnotherapist’ to the list of stuff they already add to their email signature, website bio or business cards. With or without the formal approval, accreditation and recognition though, there are other reasons that this advanced hypnotherapy diploma course is something I am so keen to deliver, have invested a lot of my heart and soul into and have spent so much time putting together. Just look at the psychological professions in the mental healthcare fields; psychologists undergo many years of training, studying, researching and practice, psychiatrists attend medical school and then many subsequent years training, researching and studying, mental health nurses undergo many years of training and the vast majority of other talk therapies tend to require more intense, prolonged amounts of study, research, practice in order to work with the general public using their chosen modality of therapy than most hypnotherapists have.



  • One of the elements of our advanced hypnotherapy training course that enables the hypnotherapist to engage with more challenging academic literature in hypnotherapy, including hypnotherapy research it critical thinking skills.
  • On a slightly more serious note, some hypnotherapists are simply unconcerned about letters and titles, though for those who want them, they do officially exist with the right course.
  • Most hypnotherapists have 10 months of training, gain a diploma and then are sent out into the world as a professional.


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