Stomach Pain During Pregnancy: What’s Normal, What’s Not

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Stomach pain during pregnancy can cause anxiety and fear, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. Taking things slow and looking after yourself is imperative and although you can continue to do most of your day to day activities, including more vigorous ones like exercising or sexual intercourse, you just have to be mindful of your condition and pay attention to your movement and exertion. Most instances of pain or discomfort are to be expected and are rarely cause for alarm, particularly in isolation, when they are not coupled with other symptoms or signs such as bleeding.

  • It is important to seek professional advice if you have pain coupled with other symptoms and to talk about your experiences with other women and health professionals.
  • Book yourself in for a massage by a certified pregnancy technician; your body will thank you for it.
  • Above all, enjoy the ups and downs of your pregnancy and keep yourself informed.


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