Practice Yoga Regularly to Reduce Risk of Non-communicable Diseases

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The World Health Organization (WHO) urged people across the globe to practice yoga in their daily life. It fits in very well with the healthy lifestyle that WHO has been strongly advocating for, throughout the life cycle – from childhood to healthy aging,” WHO’s Southeast Asian regional director Poonam Khetrapal Singh said. Emphasizing that the Southeast Asia region had a long history and rich heritage in traditional medicines and practices that contributes to health and wellness of the people, she said that Yoga was one of the finest traditional therapeutic system.



  • It said that such a practice will reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases including heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases.
  • Yoga is very much relevant even today – as it is both a physical activity and an effective way of managing stress,” said Singh, adding that the world was fortunate that such traditional medical practices have survived over the centuries.


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