Pay-What-You-Can, Communal Acupuncture Center Quietly Opens in Buena Park

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RT @mattbaker : More deep thinking poses from the Chicago Dragonflies at @devbootcamp . RT @BriTheWebGuy : Rahm puts Eli’s Cheesecake, Slap Shot beer on the line in Stanley Cup bet. RT @musichackathon : @musichackathon ‘s own @arijrusso presenting on how to use Ruby to control audio and video via MIDI @devbootcamp HQ!



  • RT @jay_akers : @thoughtbot @r00k @christoomey cool to hear about @devbootcamp (8:05 mark).
  • Thanks @JessiChartier @icstarsChicago @chestnutchi @felska @alycit !
  • Learning anything new is hard.


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