Not All Vitamins Are Good For Your Health, Here Are The Ones You Should Take

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Vitamin A, C &E: Antioxidants; may cause certain types of cancer if overly taken. Another vitamin that falls in the “not good” category is vitamin B3. It is believed to have adverse effect on patients with heart diseases, diabetes, or high cholesterol. New studies have evolved around how people, especially women, who took multi-vitamins, died at higher rates than women who didn’t.



  • Studies have also seen that vitamin can lead to cancer, heart disease, and may shorten lives.
  • Rather, in studies shown that patients who regularly took vitamin B3 were more likely exposed to developing infections, liver problems, and internal bleeding.
  • A detailed study on male smokers, who consistently took vitamin A, were at higher risk of getting lung cancer than those who did not consume that vitamin.


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