Knowing When Enough Is Enough: How To Avoid Overeating

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Because that’s how long it takes for your brain to register the satiety signal. Eating slowly and chewing your food deliberately suppresses the hormone ghrelin—the  hunger hormone that stimulates the appetite . The obesity epidemic in America is reaching scary proportions , and over-eating seems to be playing a major role in this increase.



  • In the moment, it feels like your only chance of survival lies at the bottom of that ice cream bowl, but, as shortness of breath has you loosening the buckle on your belt, you should know you’ve been feeding your feelings—not your hunger.
  • Overeating is dangerous and gluttony, after all, is one of the seven deadly sins.
  • The trick to preventing these unsettling pangs is to eat wholesome foods that keep you feeling full for longer , (by extension, they suppress your appetite as well).


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