Is there any Evidence that Chess Grand Masters have a Chess Game Neural Implant?

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Such an implant simply wouldn’t allow ‘illegal’ chess board moves. Built in Chess Pieces Moves Rules: You’re internal chess program will of course automatically ONLY ALLOW ‘valid’ chess moves to be made. Chess is so popular that there are even chess playing and game analysis apps available on smart phones (the image above on the right shows an early computerized chess game).

  • Based on the above, then if we are being simulated and we do have our technological developments slowed down then you’d expect that people and particularly grand chess masters would very likely have a chess implant IN THERE HEAD.
  • Well, firstly, based on the observed development of chess programs we have now and the behaviour of chess enthusiasts then you can easily deduce what sort of generic functions a neural chess implant enhancement would have.
  • One of the benchmarks for computer processing power and for artificial intelligence algorithms has revolved around getting computers to play chess more and more competently.


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