How You, Too, Can Workout Like Carrie Underwood

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So while the A-lister was going all out with a vegan diet, weight training and alternate workouts to shed the baby weight , she’s now settled into a regimented routine which she proudly showcased on her Instagram feed: “Cloudy but no rain = perfect day to run outside! Carrie Underwood’s post-pregnancy weight loss hit all the high notes and she continues to tread on the path to fitness, even though she’s regained her pre-pregnancy vital stats. Treadmill-based training can beat running in the outdoors on multiple counts, as you’re in a temperature-controlled environment that helps you push through the sweat.



  • Tabata:  Part of the new super-short workouts craze , a session lasts for just four minutes and requires you to alternate between 20 seconds of pushing yourself to the limit, followed by 10 seconds of an activity at a slow-to-moderate pace.
  • It’s not the first time we’re spotlighting this stunning singer.
  • With a lower strain on the bones, joints and tendons, it serves as a great warm up for an interval training routine.


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