Halloween and Bonfire Night are not good for phobics

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From big bangs and scary masks to huge fake spiders and massive flames, Halloween and Bonfire Night are frightening times for those of us who suffer from a variety of phobias . Dealing with phobias is not easy but hypnotherapists can offer valuable help and, in many cases, allow people to control or overcome their phobias and lead a normal life. The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) has therapists across the UK who can offer such help.



  • A therapist can help the sufferer identify the root cause of the phobia and enable individuals to react to the particular object or situation they once feared in a calmer manner when encountering it in the future.
  • Phonophobia, also called ligyrophobia or sonophobia, is an extraordinary fear of loud or explosive sounds.
  • It can range from a seemingly harmless thing like asymmetriphobia, which is all about asymmetric things to arachnaphobia (a fear of spiders) and nyctophobia (a fear of the dark or night time).


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