Flourishing in the wild heart of medicine : Fire

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Fire ain’t like the other elements. The rest of the five phases (a more apt translation of wu xing) are basically earthbound: Earth is an obvious case, but take the other three: Metal descends, cools, clarifies. Wood is lively and full of life; like Metal it spans Heaven and Earth, this time in the upward direction.



  • Outside of specialized enclaves such as the Sichuan Fire Spirit School of herbalism and Daoist teachings on the interaction of Kan and Li (the Water and Fire trigrams), I feel fire could get a little extra love within CM.
  • Let’s explore the juicy relationship between Fire and Spirit.
  • Fire explodes onto the scene in a blaze of glory, consuming all that’s gone before, dazzling us, then fading to ashes and leaving us blinking away retinal afterimages wondering what just happened.


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