Fat & Slim Share The Same Risk For High Blood Pressure: Study

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While certain studies in the past suggested that high blood pressure may be more dangerous for thinner people, a new study found out that the r isk for developing cardiovascular disease are similar—and high—for the lean, overweight and the obese. Much research has been invested over the past few years in assessing the risk of high blood pressure in people with a different amount of body fat. It also found that for every weight category, those with high blood pressure were more likely to suffer one than those without high blood pressure.



  • The past 30 years have seen various studies outlining the hazardous effects of hypertension such as heart attacks and strokes to be more prevalent in the thinner lot suffering from hypertension as opposed to the overweight.
  • The researchers analyzed data on these participants from a long-term study of about twice as many people, begun in 2000 and divided their subjects into seven groups based on BMI (underweight, healthy, overweight, obese and very obese) and waist circumference, using ethnicity-specific parameters in both cases.
  • Trained technicians collected height, weight, waist circumference and blood pressure measures at the start of the study, and called to check in about any hospital admissions, procedures, cardiovascular diagnoses or deaths every nine to 12 months for an average of 10 years for each participant.


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