Experimental Drug Repairs Nerve Damage Caused by Multiple Sclerosis in Trial

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An experimental drug, anti-LINGO-1 may repair myelin damage in multiple sclerosis, curing balance and vision problems. Anti-LINGO-1 was supplemented to the participants every four weeks until six doses were given and assessed every four weeks for six months and a final assessment at eight months. The researchers gave high doses of steroids to the participants before randomly assigning them to anti-LINGO-1 or placebo.



  • The researchers tested the antibody anti-LINGO-1 on 82 people suffering from acute optic neuritis, a disease that normally affects one eye and is characterized by inflammation, damage to nerve fibers and loss of myelin within the optic nerve.
  • The drug has been found to repair myelin, improving nerve signaling and in some cases restored the complete function.


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