7 Weird Facts About Sleeping

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However there are some hidden mysteries about this primary human need: we’ve constructed 7 weird facts about sleeping. Some facts about the way we sleep, what make human beings more unique, and the power of sleep (or lack there of) can have on the body. Drinking too much caffeine is obvious, but other causes of insomnia include: stress, mental or physical illness, sleep or living arrangements, family history, shift work, diet and even exercise habits  So yes, there are a ton of ways to get insomnia and if you think you may suffer from it, or perhaps you just have some trouble sleeping and want to help yourself sleep better there are Natural Ways To Fall Asleep  or you could try guided sleep meditation.



  • Evidence that the lunar cycle influences human sleep  shows that during the monthly suggests that around the time of a full-moon, when the moon is brightest and appears in the sky from sunset to sunrise, it takes a further 5 minutes longer to fall asleep.
  • Although the reasons are unclear, boggling sleep experts.
  • Although sleeping pills are intended to help us catch some restful z’s, they can disrupt the body’s natural grieving process.


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