6 Ways To Squeeze Free Money Out of Your Credit Card

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A balance transfer is simply when you transfer high interest balances from one or more credit cards onto another credit card with a lower interest rate. Almost all credit cards offer some type of grace period, where you won’t have to pay any interest between the time you use your card and the time you have to pay back the credit card company. It’s not every day your credit card company gives you money for free.



  • Many banks offer promotional interest rates of 0% for 12-36 months in the hopes that you’ll either miss a payment and your interest will get jacked to 19.99%, or you’ll keep your balance with them after the promotional period expires and they’ll jump your rates to 19.99% thereafter.
  • Banks are competing hard for your business – especially if you have good credit and spend a fair bit on your credit card.
  • Just remember, the banks are betting on you missing a payment.


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