6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

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The rhythmic motions and sense of focus can help distract from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. The rhythmic, repetitive motion and relaxation has the same benefits to your mind and body as a meditation session , except you get a blanket at the end. Sitting still to knit reduces your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure after a few minutes, so reaching for those knitting needles when you start to feel anxiety build or depression seeping in can help keep those symptoms at bay.



  • While it’s helping improve your motor function and mood, knitting is also stimulating your brain to keep it healthy.
  • Because knitting stimulates almost the whole brain at once—”the frontal lobe (which guides rewards processing, attention and planning), the parietal lobe (which handles sensory information and spatial navigation), the occipital lobe (which processes visual information), the temporal lobe (which is involved in storing memories and interpreting language and meaning) and the cerebellum (which coordinates precision and timing of movement)”—it can be used to help people with diseases like Parkinson’s improve their motor functions.
  • It both helps improve their fine motor skills and distracts from other painful symptoms.


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