3 Species of Aliens and Their Relevance to Human Evolution

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The descendents of Noah, said to have withheld advanced technologies from us and function in the elite and sinister heights of society are supposedly a Reptilian race who originated on another planet. The Reptilian race are mentioned in the Sumerian tablets as the Demi Gods called the Anunnaki; a hybrid race of reptile and human who, since spreading from the Caucasus Mountains, have infiltrated the masses, built empires and put humans to work so that they may feed off us Matrix-style. What is now emerging, as people begin to become more acquainted with main spokesperson against the race, British-born David Icke, is that remarkably some of this alien race has the ability to see the massive damage they have caused the human race and are now making attempts to right the wrong they have done.



  • The smaller ones are perhaps the reason for the Greys getting stuck with labels such as cold and clinically curious as they are usually the ones sent down from the mother ships to conduct experiments and research on humans.
  • The Greys are thought to be a highly evolved and intelligent race who may be on ‘The Council’; those who have a vested interested in the future of earth and strive to protect it at all costs (aside from the one encompassing rule that spans across the universe of not doing anything without permission).
  • The Greys are what most people think about when they hear the word ‘alien’ thanks to the 1947 UFO sightings in Roswell New Mexico as well as many other encounters and sightings that have built up our ideas of aliens up to the present day.


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  • Olivia, how the heck can the “descendants of Noah” (your own words) have originated from another planet? When you write something for public consumption (even garbage) you really should check to see if what you write is both accurate and at least makes sense. It’s writing such as this that gives a bad name and bad opinion to those that do serious research.

    Ron July 10, 2015 8:58 pm Reply

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