23 Proven Strategies to Get Through Any Hardship – and Thrive

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Find a highly recommended therapist with a sliding scale to help you dig through and unpack and throw away all the awful baggage from childhood that’s holding you back from seeing yourself in a healthy way and moving forward with life and succeeding. Keep a consistent (and consistently healthy) daily regimen. Minimize (ideally, eliminate) the time you spend with people that add negativity (jealousy, envy, wasting of time, perpetuation of bad habits) and stress to your life.



  • At every level, starting with your college, you are striving for the top 10% (or better).
  • Research, understand and internalize your true value to employers, business partners, landlords and all others you deal with.
  • Even though it may seem like an awful chore for the first some time, living frugally actually forces you to become more independent and self-confident in your life choices, focusing you on what’s truly important – experiences above material things.


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