21 Must-Read Spiritual Books to Expand Your Consciousness

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The difference between the New Testament and this book is that this one is untempered. It’s written by a person who was spiritually wide awake and who, through the book, attempted to show how to get to the other side through simple steps of personal purification. It was channeled by Levi, a person who would have preferred to remain anonymous; he wanted readers’ attention to be on the text, and not on the one who transcribed it.

  • The Aquarian Gospel is a channeled book which describes the life of Jesus Christ.
  • It’s an interesting, though wordy, read for those who see only the physical; it has lots of deep spiritual information for those who can read between the lines and are quiet enough to hear the Inner Voice whispering its meaning.
  • Light on The Path is one of those books that are multi-dimensional; it has different lessons for different levels of consciousness – each person will get from it what he’s ready to take in.


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