16 Reasons Why INFJs Are Very Likely To Be Highly Successful

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Since INFJs are able to create an environment that supports sharing one’s feelings and have a knack for helping others through tough times by listening and offering advice, they encourage others to change for the better wherever they can. Since INFJs are very strategic and tend to plan ahead a lot, they make sure to consider all possibilities and think of unconventional solutions before picking a path to move on with. INFJs are a rare kind of personality type, which is sad, because they are always looking for ways to help the greater good.



  • INFJs shine when it comes to mediating between different parties and when they’re part of the equation, disputes are usually solved very quickly (and to the satisfaction of all parties involved).
  • There is something about INFJs that lets them subconsciously pick up symbols, signs, and the forces at play.
  • Either way, chances are that your very rare and special personality type will get you far in life.


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  • You dont bother to explain whay an INFJ is. Might be a good idea to elaborate on that

    Alain September 26, 2015 8:11 pm Reply

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